Why FIFA is better than PES

by James Kane
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All through the years that these games have been available. They have both been kings in very different directions. They are simply getting closer recently. Konami started working on their marketing techniques while EA went to increasing the quality of the game itself. These games specifically have parts of themselves that are wonderful, one of them is better because you can buy FIFA coins, while you can’t do this on PES.

Growing up from my teenage years, I love playing FIFA. This can tell you I’ve played a lot of FIFA games and I’ve watched them advance. I played PES too and I didn’t enjoy it mostly because of its gameplay. Since then I had a preference for FIFA over PES.

Let’s talk about some of the differences between these two games, shall we?

Why FIFA is better than PES

There’s a difference in the quality of the game. It could be a little bit lower in previous releases of both games. What FIFA lacks in comparison and PES has can be fixed these days using a little bit of patchwork and some effort. Sadly whenever you talk about gameplay, FIFA is the best we’ve got. Let’s see how they are better below:

1. The appearance of the Players

Comparing FIFA and PES, FIFA has more official jerseys, stadiums, and more licenses. You can purchase FIFA coins too. The players all look great and original and quite realistic if you ask me. The face scanner used by EA has done a great job. These are better than those offered in PES. Have you noticed the look on players when the camera gets close to them? Like at times when a player scores or gets a card. PES has some serious defects. One could say the players are not as realistic as they are from FIFA.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Anyone that has ever played using PES knows that it is very simple to win when you are playing with the computer. The AI on PES is quickly predictable. But in FIFA, different clubs have very different ways of playing. The quality of these clubs is higher too than those of PES. When you are playing against the computer on teams like Manchester City, Barcelona too, this makes the game a whole new type of interesting.

3. Tactics are Essential

Whenever you want to change the tactics on FIFA, you get clear visible results and you can use these to enjoy the advantage of great tactical decisions as you battle your opponents. In PES though, some of the tactics are predictable. So if you’re a sharp player you’ll be able to win the computer or a real opponent very simply and easily. FIFA rewards you for smart and logical decisions. This way you can take an advantage of the other team’s weakness. This gives your team a great new dimension.

With FIFA, you can buy FIFA coins, these are very important. This is not available on PES. So I guess these are enough reasons for you to know which is better.

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