How To Transfer Text Messages Between iPhones

by James Kane
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Every time a new iPhone is released, thousands of people queue for hours to get their hands on the new devices. The new iPhone 12 has people wondering how to transfer messages from iPhone to iPhone 12? You do not have to forego your text messages every time you switch up phones. There is software designed to transfer text messages to a new iPhone.

Backuptrans iPhone SMS Transfer software tool is the best tool in the market for the job. This article shows a step by step guide on using the software to transfer your text messages to a new iPhone. Text messages are the most used mode of communication as compared to voice and video calls. It is for this reason that you might want to keep your valuable text messages.

Step 1

Before initiating the process, you will need to install and run the Backuptrans iPhone SMS Transfer tool on the computer. Once this is done, connect both iPhones to your laptop using USB cables. It is important to make sure that your laptop device has iTunes 10.0 or any later version, and don’t forget to disable iCloud backup on the phones. As iPhones are normally passcoded protected, you need to enter yours for the phone to be recognized by the data transfer software.

Step 2

You can decide to transfer data directly to the new phone or choose to back up the data on the laptop temporarily. Once the data transfer software is running, the old device will show on the left and the new one on the right. Transferable text messages are also displayed.

You get to decide how you want to transfer your data. You can transfer all the data at once or transfer messages from a specific contact or choose several specific contacts to extract. Here is how you can maneuver the application to transfer the messages in these three ways.

If you would like all text messages extracted onto the new iPhone, click on the toolbar and select the “Transfer iPhone SMS to other iPhone” option to start the transfer. If you want to move text messages exchanged with one specific contact, click on the specific contact, right-click, and choose “Transfer iPhone SMS to Other iPhone.” These three steps are super easy, and should you get stuck, you can always search for a solution online.

Step 3

After clicking to transfer data, you are prompted to choose the device to receive the messages. Check carefully and confirm that the iPhone 12 is receiving the data. The final step to finish data transfer is to restart your iPhone so that it picks up the messages on its own. Once it is back on, you will notice that the phone has auto-saved the messages.

In conclusion

Transfer text messages to a new iPhone hustle free. You do not have to lose your text messages each time you buy a new device. Use Backuptrans free software for a seamless transition to your new device. It is easy to use, fast and safe.

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