Sites To Avoid While Purchasing FUT Coins

by James Kane
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There have been many untold stories of online cons. Online conmen and women are usually very convincing on the services they offer. Therefore, before making any payments ensure you conduct due diligence. If you require a fifacoin, then ensuring the chosen site is valid is essential. This article aims at informing you on sites to avoid while purchasing FUT coins.

Sites to avoid while purchasing FUT coins

1. Lack of cash-back system

It would be best if you avoid sites that do not offer cash-back services. There may come a time when you want to cancel your orders, the place you choose should be able to give you your money back. Therefore, it would be best if you avoid sites that do not offer cash-back services.

2. Lack of private information security

A site that shares your private information with other third parties is not a good site to use. Personal information security in the online space is an essential factor to look out for. Therefore, while buying FUT coins online, avoid sites that do not ensure your information security.

3. Lack of listed prices

A site that fails to list the price of the FUT coins it sells is fishy. Therefore, while making a purchase, look for sites that display all the prices. The displayed prices help customers compare different sites before arriving at the best price available. Therefore, it would be best to avoid sites that do not list the FUT coin’s prices.

4. Lack of contact information

Contact information comes in; email, social media handle details, phone numbers, and a website with a messaging site. The site that uses social media handle as its contact number should be valid. Therefore, before making any purchase, visit the social media handle and ensure that the site is valid.

The site’s validity can be in terms of the number of followers, the number of likes, and the number of posts. The email and phone numbers should be working too. Therefore, while making a purchase, avoid sites that do not have valid contact information.

5. Lack of delivery time information

Delivery time information is essential to every customer. It lets one know when to expect the FUT coins’ delivery and how long the delivery time is. Sites to avoid do not list the delivery information. Having to wait for the FUT coins without knowing the exact time they will arrive can delay your enjoyment of playing the games. Therefore, ensure that the site you chose states the delivery time. The best sites offer instant or quick deliveries.

6. Poor customer service

The site to avoid offers poor customer service. FUT coins sellers should have all the knowledge needed. That is, how many FUT coins are suitable for your account, how to trade the FUT coins and so many others. Having customer support that advises you poorly on the FUT coins you need is a service you should avoid. A good service ensures that you have a good future working relationship.


The market consists of very many sellers. In the many sellers, there are those with valid websites and those that are not valid. Therefore, before making any purchase from an online site, it would be best to know which site to avoid and which site to go for. The above points will assist you in making the right decision.

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