How to Improve Your Laptop Battery Life

by James Kane
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Laptop batteries wear out at different rates depending on how the user handles them. Things like heat, charging levels and how you store the battery are the key factors determining your Batterie D’ordinateur Portable Asus battery lifespan. Nevertheless, you can make the laptop battery last longer and run efficiently by making minor tweaks. The following are simple ways you can care for your laptop battery, so it lasts longer.

Battery Saver Mode

You can always activate the battery saver mode on your computer from the taskbar on your laptop. When the battery runs on battery saver mode, it will limit some applications running in the background from draining the battery. This means you will experience performance loss if you handle tasks that require more battery power, such as gaming, among other tasks. Unless you are working on power-demanding tasks, it is important to save your battery power to keep it healthy and long-lasting.

Plug the Battery Before It Dies

You are recommended to avoid draining the battery completely as this might lead to performance loss after some time. Be sure to plug your battery before it dies to extend its life as possible. If possible, you should plug in the computer when the battery level drops to 20% charge. As such, you will prevent the battery from straining when used with a low charge. You will also avoid losing the charging capacity of the battery.

Avoid Keeping the Laptop Hot and Cold

You are advised to keep the laptop away from hot or cold as these conditions directly impact the battery. It is essential to use the laptop in ambient temperatures so that the battery does not strain. Extreme temperatures make the computer strain and use more power, which can cause damage and shorten the battery’s useful life.

Unplug Unused Peripherals

Peripheral devices usually consume battery power, so you are advised to unplug them when they are unused. The battery will drain faster at unusual rates hence affecting its healthy life. The devices such as external hard drives and webcams tend to draw power abnormally from the laptop battery once they are plugged into the laptop.

Upgrade Your RAM

Your computer needs to work and complete tasks faster. Laptop manufacturers recommend users upgrade RAM to extend battery life. Your computer will retrieve data faster when you install more RAM hence keeping the computer from operating as much. In this case, there will be fewer battery-draining situations, which can help keep it healthy.

Don’t Keep The Laptop Plugged In All The Time.

You are advised to avoid plugging in the laptop all the time. Once the battery is full, use your laptop while unplugged from the power source. You will reduce the life cycles of the battery when you operate the laptop constantly while you leave it plugged in all the time. As such, you should mind the battery’s health and learn to unplug it when necessary. Remember that you don’t have to charge the battery fully because it is designed with an intelligent charging mode to keep it healthy.

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