How To Freeze and Unfreeze a Huawei ID Account?

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Another cool feature that Huawei introduced to its users is the ability to freeze and unfreeze a Huawei ID Account. There are various reasons why users might freeze their accounts.

It can be for safety purposes when taking a long vacation leave, and you’re leaving your devices at home. You needed a break from all of your devices, or worse, you lost your device, and you’re afraid someone may use and take advantage of it.

Whatever your reason is for freezing your account, this feature will come in handy to ensure that no one will access your devices and account.

How to freeze a Huawei ID Account?

  • In your smartphone or tablet device, go to Settings, then click Huawei ID and choose Account and Security. You may also opt to go to Report Issues just if you’re not logged in to your account.
  • Then go to the Security Center and choose Freeze Account and touch FREEZE. Your account will then be automatically frozen and won’t be in use until you unfreeze it.

How to unfreeze Huawei ID Account?

If you want to unfreeze your Huawei ID Account and use it again, here’s how to do it.

  • Just take your device and access the Settings option button and select Huawei ID.
  • Then go to Account and Security. Again, you can go to Report Issues instead if you’re not logged in to your account.
  • Then click Security Center and pick Unfreeze Account then confirm UNFREEZE. Your account should be good as back at this point and can now be used to access Huawei apps and services.

Reach out Huawei’s customer service

Just in case you’re having issues freezing or unfreezing your Huawei ID account, it must be something to do with the software or your phone. Instead of figuring out yourself and causing more problems, it’s better to talk to the experts. To be precise on what was causing the problem, it’s best to reach Huawei’s 24/7 Customer Service Agents to seek immediate help.

They’re the best people to approach when troubleshooting technical matters about the apps and services that you can’t solve on your own. They will be happy to serve you and help you solve the problem of your Huawei account.

If you don’t need to freeze your Huawei ID account, it’s best to keep it active and going. You might try to access other apps and services that you might need at the moment, and you forgot that you freeze your account. This can only work whenever you have emergency situations or if someone else is using your device.

Freezing your Huawei account will also come in handy whenever you send your device to the repair shop. You’ll never know when an opportunity of a fraudster or scammer will come to take advantage of your account information. Protect it by freezing your Huawei ID account while still there and just changing the setting again or unfreeze it once your device is back to you safely.

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