How Much is RuneScape Gold Worth?

by James Kane
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Runescape gold coins are every digital gamer` holy grail. Runescape as a platform is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORG). Playing the original RuneScape can be pretty fun and engaging. However, generating RuneScape from good old playing and accumulating gold coins simply will not do it. So there are various avenues a gamer could exploit or make use of to earn more RuneScape gold coins.

However, you might not feel that the effort is worth the stress. Or, you could want to verify just how much the RuneScape gold coins you have accumulated are worth in real-life currency. So if you are looking to buy or to sell some RuneScape gold coins, this article contains information and details you need to know.

Top Ways to Earn RuneScape Gold

At the top of this list, we have the all-time classic, Iron Ore Mining. The mining of iron ore has been a timeless and efficient way of earning gold coins in the RuneScape universe. Two locations in particular make the mining process more fruitful. They are Varrock West and Varrock East. On a very good day, you should be able to earn as high as a hundred and fifty thousand gold coins (150 000) per hour.

The second method is by collecting the wines of Zamorak. For each wine collected, you could earn as high as two thousand (2000) gold coins. Each grab could be done with just 33 Magic, which is the cost of using the spell, Telekinetic Grab. Toward the north of Falador, at the Asgarnia Chaos Temple, it is much easier to grab these wines from the top floor. At the least, it is easier to get the wines from these locations without making the monks excessively aggressive.

However, if you are willing to risk your inventory and law runes following the path to the Wilderness Chaos Temple, that is also a relatively easier location to get the wines from. But getting there is about as tumultuous as it gets.

The last method we will outline is the killing of ogress shamans. The drops from this are fantastic ranging from gems to ranarr seeds to rune helms and even runes. But as money makers, they could net you an upward of fifty thousand gold coins. You could earn anywhere from 50 000 to 100 000 gold here.

What is the Exact Monetary Value of RuneScape Gold?

THE PRICE FOR RuneScape gold changes or fluctuates from time to time. However, at the moment, 1M (1 million) RuneScape is equivalent to 0.94 US Dollars (USD). Needless to say, you should be aware that original RuneScape gold has a different value from the more recent RuneScape 3. The price above is that of the RuneScape 3 or RS3 gold.


So whether you are looking to either buy or sell RuneScape gold, it is essential to know the current pricing. Remember to only buy from trusted dealers and middlemen only. You can make this decision based on the comments from other users.

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