Different Ways You Can Use Huawei Wallet Kit

by James Kane
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The question of which is better between Huawei wallet kit, Google pay, and Apple pay has well been answered now, thanks to the amazing wallet kit. Huawei wallet kit provides users with the ideal opportunity to claim their passes of merchants, such as gift cards, loyalty cards, boarding passes, transit passes, coupons, and event tickets. In this way, you can make transactions easily.

It simply provides an integrated platform with access to digital passes. Moreover, it enables users to save cards into their phones for convenience. Thanks to high technologies, users can enjoy smart lifestyle services, such as geo-fencing and NFC capability.

Perhaps if you may be wondering whether the Huawei wallet kit is better than Apple Pay, or Google pay, then here are some of the convenient solutions that users can enjoy;

Boarding Passes

All the travel-related developments are kept in check with the Huawei wallet kit. Once the user saves the boarding pass, all status notifications will be received in real-time without missing any reminders. Therefore, one can get plugged into all crucial travel developments.

Promotions and Offers

All up-to-date brand-related promotions won’t be an issue. All that’s required is the user to save loyalty cards, gift cards, and coupons to their Huawei wallet. That way, they can easily access membership benefits as well as points programs.

Access Cards

Usually, one can add a virtual access card to stimulate a physical access card in all aspects. Once it has been set as a default access card, one is able to gain entry by merely placing the phone against the sensor, meaning that one doesn’t have to unlock their phone screens or even open the Huawei wallet.

Smart Tickets

The Huawei wallet also makes things available as they happen in real-time. For instance, once you save an event ticket in the Huawei wallet, you can refer to it later at your convenience and get real-time notifications.

If it’s about NFC-enabled tickets, only you need to do is to place your phone close to the NFC sensor simply. Interestingly, it functions even when your phone screen is still locked.

On Point Reach

It only requires the authorization of the user, and then the Huawei wallet can be able to send accurate as well as responsive notifications taking into account the time, Wi-Fi network, location, and any present service that’s nearby.

Integration is a Breeze

Integrating a single SDK, you can be able to deploy the kit’s services over a wide range of scenarios. Furthermore, the wallet provides end-to-end services, from feature testing to online registration.

Moreover, the wallet kit offers a plethora of one-tap methods that you can use to add a pass, including SMS message, browser, email, app, and WebViwer (HTML).

Huawei wallet kit merely provides services that diversify the needs of the user and make a living reality. For instance, talking about purchasing a soccer ticket, you add it to your Huawei wallet. Then you can get a pre-event notification to get ready with a plotted move and travel time to the stadium.

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