Advantages of the Huawei HMS Core

by James Kane
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As an app developer, you would agree that one of the more stressful parts of app development is the beginning stages. Getting started can be quite challenging when it comes to app development. Because you have a lot of factors to consider. This is especially the case in today` world. Everything is digital and there is an app for virtually everything. So as a developer you need to ask yourself what makes your app special. Enter the HMS Core.

Why should people chose and retain your app and not the other app that does the same thing? Ideas for apps are endless but the completion is tougher. At this point, you need all the additional help you can get. You need to offer much more additional benefits to the users to be successful. No one said that developing a successful app was easy. But with Huawei developer and Huawei mobile services (HMS), you can ease the burden on yourself. The Huawei HMS core could not have been introduced at a better time.

If you are just learning about the Huawei HMS core, then this article is definitely for you. What makes the HMS core so special? But first things first, what is the Huawei HMS core about?

Brief Intro to the HMS core

As we mentioned earlier, developing a successful app is not a simple process. For your app to be successful, you hope to get a lot of users. But for you to get users, the target audience needs to be able to find your app in the first place. Then, they need to be willing to retain and keep using your app. Hopefully, in due time they could refer the app to even more people.

Not to mention the fact that a successful app needs to be able to rake in a reasonable amount of income periodically. This income could be via ads or other methods. So a large number of end-users and periodic but sufficient income are the desires of any app developer. Easier said than done, right?

On a normal day, you would be right. But the Huawei HMS core has made the entire process so much easier. Developing a successful app has never been easier than it currently is today with the aid of the Huawei HMS core. The HMS core is the gathering point for all the essential Huawei mobile services. Everything you need on a basic level to efficiently meet your goals as a developer.

Advantages of the HMS Core

There are numerous advantages to using the HMS core. But they fall under three basic categories.

  1. Development of App: The HMS core possesses tools and services that if used fully and correctly, could ensure consistent development of your app.
  2. Monetization of App:Ways and avenues through which you could monetise your app are brought directly to you via HMS core services.
  3. Growth of User Base:The platform also has services which allow you to continually increase your user base.

With these three advantages, all of your basic needs as an app developer have already been met. You would of course still need to put in little effort.


When considered generally, there are only advantages and negligible disadvantages to the use of the Huawei HMS core. As an app developer, the HMS core is nothing short of a dream come true.

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