5 Ways To Get Real Followers On Twitter

by James Kane
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A large count of followers on Twitter signifies a high level of influence. As a starter, brand, or individual, growing your Twitter followership can be a long and difficult process. Buying followers may look like a great option, except that those followers may not be the right audience for you. Here are some ways of getting real and active followers within a short period on Twitter.

Five ways to attract more Twitter followers

  1. Build your online presence

Every day, Twitter registers a vast number of tweets from its many users. This is because most Twitter users understand the benefits of being heard on the platform. As an individual or brand seeking to connect with real people, you should tweet more than once daily. You can engage with other users via comments, mentions, and chats. Also, hashtags are a great way to be seen. When people find your tweets interesting, they will hit the follow button. Likewise, you should discover the best time to reach your audience.

  1. Augment your profile

Most of your Twitter favorites know how to set their profiles to make the most of it. Your bio should contain specific keywords that will link your account to a niche and put you on relevant search results. One of the non-negligible keywords should be your location. This attracts real people who want to keep in touch. Similarly, using an attractive profile picture makes people want to see more of you. You can further pin your best tweets to the top of your page to fuel their interests. Also, you should verify your account for easy identification by new followers.

  1. Create interesting contents

This is probably the best way to earn followers. Keep your tweets short and captivating. As often as possible, include visuals in your tweets. Understand the needs of your audience and post content based on these needs. Make your tweets unique, educating, and informative. More than any other platform, Twitter users scrutinize posts the most. You would want to save yourself some embarrassment and unfollows by taking out time to edit your contents.

  1. Ask to be followed

If you are serious, there is no shame in asking others to follow you. You can invite people on other social media handles to follow you. It is also a good idea to include your Twitter handle on your business card, email signature, brand logo, or any other identifier you have. Another strategy is to upload your tweets on your website or blog. In that way, you can redirect the audience from there to your Twitter page, so they can easily connect with you. Lastly, following other people, especially those in your niche, can boost your chances of getting similar active followers.

  1. Buy real followers

Buying followers sounds like an easy escape till you buy fake ones. There are specific sites where you can buy Twitter likes from real people. Although many people think of this as a bad strategy, it is not illegal. Some of your Twitter favorites use this technique to help people detect their real account. Brands also buy followers to outshine competitors. And it has proven to be an efficient strategy.


Twitter favorites have certain secrets that have taken them to the top spots. In this article, five of these secrets have been stated to help you or your brand increase its follower base.

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